starts in Randsverk or at the Lemonsjø Fjellstue. This tour offers plenty of variety in terms of cycling and landscape. Beautiful nature with a view to Heidalsmuen, Glittertind and Rondane and the Jotunheimen National Park.


Length: 36 km

Difficulty: easy / medium

Difference in height: 330 meters

On the total about 8 km on asphalted roads, little traffic on natural and forest trails.
The tour can partly be combined with the round trip Tesse. You take the route on the national road 51 to the mouth of Tesse. Up in Bringsfjellet, you can also turn to the right and continue above the two lakes Flatningen and Meilingen, then turn down to the road between Heidal and Lalm. From Heidal follow again the road 257 to Randsverk. This variant is slightly longer, about 42 km.