Randsverk-Tesse round trip

round trip
first class tour

The round trip Tesse starts in Randsverk or Lemonsjø Fjellstue and leads 1 km along the national road 51 to the exit Glitterheim (Fugleseterveien). From here, follow the dirt road for 2.5 km to the first turn to the right from where the trail rises in a gentle slope to Tesse. The forest road ends 1 km behind Dravtjønn and then becomes a small forest path. At the beginning, it is a little rocky and you will find it difficult to ride on the bicycle. But after about 200 meters, it improves again. The trail leads through old pine tree forest and is about 2 km long.
From Åsvangseter, a dirt road leads the whole way around Tesse. Make sure that you take the road left over the bridge at the mouth of Tesse.
The road has slopes (middle class) up to Larsbulie behind which it will turn left and go steeply down to Larsbuseter. The last 8 km lead back on a flat, fine gravel road to Randsverk. The road down to Larsbuseter and Randsverk is a traffic connection to Glittertind in Jotunheimen National Park during the summer. Take extra care when riding downhill and through curves.


Length: 34 km

Difficulty: easy / medium

Difference in height: 300 meters

Variable cycling, only 1 km asphalted road, little or no traffic. The tour can be combined with the round trip Flatningen-Klones- Veslvatnet. You can take the path at the mouth of Tesse right to the national road 51.