Cafe and Shop

Randsverk Kafé with good food
Coop supermarket with a wide assortment for shopping

Coop supermarket is in Randsverk. The shop offers a wide selection of food, ice, bottled water, chocolates, sweets and local food.
During the season, freshly baked bread is available throughout the day. Rolls available on request. The shop is authorized to sell beer.

We also have a large selection of fishing tackle – always also special offers. In the shop, you will also find outdoor equipment, hiking boots, cards, gifts, reindeer skinns and souvenirs. The reception for camping and cabins as well as the tourist information are also located here.

The cafeteria offers a fine selection of dishes, among others Salma Salmon, moose meat balls, sliced ​​reindeer and fried chicken. We also have family pizzas, hamburgers, sausage and French fries. For the small appetite: e.g. meat balls, smørrebrød, salads, freshly made baguettes and rømmegrøt (sour cream), a Norwegian specialty.

The cafeteria is licensed to serve beer and wine. Wireless internet around the shop and cafeteria.